Italian Taste Planning & Banqueting

Lodovichi Ricevimenti

Italian Taste Planning & Banqueting

Lodovichi Ricevimenti

Lodovichi Ricevimenti S.R.L, company to which today is related the Italian Taste Brand Catering and Banqueting, is born in arezzo in the early 90s from an idea of Massimo e Roberto Lodovichi brothers, to express their experience matured during years of passionate and dedicated activity at important restorative realities belonging both to the national and the international scenery.

Our growing path has constantly been based on the exclusiWvity of chosen of products, indeed over the years Lodovichi Ricevimenti stood out for having carried on small and bigger manufacturers both national and international, reaching with gratification the accomplishment of more than 800 events per year among private events and restorative events for Hospitality areas.

Roberto Lodovichi

Roberto Lodovichi aside from organising the kitchen unit, is also the President of the Regional Tuscany Chefs Union

Massimo Lodovichi

Massimo Lodovichi is actually the Director of the Business area dedicating himself to the wedding events and musical and sports events.

Aree operative

The company's operational areas are as follows:

Italian Taste Lodovichi Planning & Banqueting

Lodovichi Ristorazione Front Office & Show Room Galleria Guido Monaco [ Arezzo ] +39 0575 849099

Ristorante Guido Monaco

Via Guido Monaco 25 [ Arezzo ] 0575/912589

Area Direzionale ed Amministrativa

[ Monte San Savino ] - 0575/849099

Cucine e Laboratorio e Magazzino

[ Monte San Savino ] - 338/8906510 -